EPSOSS takes advantage of the high investments made by the European countries and their international partners in ES data collection and dissemination systems (e.g. satellites, in-situ networks, ICT frameworks) and builds on top of those systems an added value application (geoportal) for the scientific community and the Black Sea relevant decision makers on environmental issues. For more details check the official website.

Friendly interface

Easy to use graphical user interface and intuitive workflows.

10 000+ satellite derived data layers

The product portfolio includes: Sea surface temperature, chlorophyll concentration, diffuse attenuation coefficient, total suspended matter, etc.

Modern architecture

ESPOSS architecture design is driven by service-oriented architecture design principles, and use open standards from IETF, W3C, OASIS, ISO/TC 211, and OGC.

Open source based

ESPOSS GeoPortal is built completely with free and open source software.

Modular and scalable

The geoportal is based on a modular and scalable software architecture that enables an efficient deployment, control, and management of active services.

Network services

Implements Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards for data retrieval (WMS, WCS, WFS) and server-side processing (WPS).

Active community

Fast growing international user community.

Powerful visualizations

Effective data visualization methods, suitable for analysis of big volumes of multi-temporal data.

Server-side processing services

Currently the service has interfaces for the following types of geospatial processing functions: buffer, clip, resample, profile and raster algebra.